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AFE is honored to accept donations to the Dr. Alexander Aiello Paley Memorial Scholarship. The world has lost a remarkable young man.The scholarship will recognize AHS seniors who embody the energy and spirit with which Alex lived his life.  Click here to donate and please note that your donation is tax-deductible. 

Congratulations to the 2020
Dr. Alexander Aiello Paley

Memorial Scholarship Winners

Amelia Colafati

& Israel Washington


AFE and CDPHP Announce Second Round of Health and Wellness Grants

Drumming, Zumba and healthy snacks, punching bags and slack-lines - what do all these things have in common? They're all projects supported by the second round of the Health and Wellness grants supported by our partner, CDPHP.  Grants awarded include:

  • Drumming as Meditation at the Albany International Center. Grant funds will support drum circle lessons and the purchase of drums so that students can connect across language and culture while relieving stress.

  • Adventure Phys Ed at Albany High. PE teacher Josh Binfield will use slack-lining to get students outside and help build strength and balance in new and exciting ways.

  • Sensory Room Development at Tony Clement Center for Education. Students experiencing high stress levels will be able to work out anger and anxiety in a positive way to enable them to return to class ready to learn. 

  • Field trips to Bizzy Beez Sensory Gym for special education students from New Scotland Elementary. These students who rarely get to attend traditional field trips will get to stretch their skills in a fun, supportive environment.

  • Stress relief materials to complement Health curriculum for 6th grade students who are taking Health in Albany's K-6 Schools. 

  • Programs to promote physical activity and healthy eating habits at Arbor Hill Elementary School and Philip Schuyler Achievement Academy



News and Events

Albany Fund for Education, City of Albany,
and City School District of Albany
Provide Summer Weekend Feeding Program

We are pleased to announce that AFE was awarded a $15,000 CARES Act grant from the City of Albany, Albany Community Development Agency to support a summer weekend backpack program. The program will provide 175 students attending Albany High School, and the Arbor Hill, ASH, Giffen, Philip Schuyler, Pine Hills and TOAST elementary schools with a bag of healthy food each weekend for the rest of the summer, including fresh produce, and coupons for milk and eggs. 

Food bags will be assembled at Pine Hills Elementary School on Thursday mornings. We are in need of 10-15 volunteers each Thursday (8:30 am - 10:30 am) from July 23 - September 3, 2020 to help set up assembly stations and pack bags. 


We will be working in the PHES cafeteria, maintaining 6 foot distancing at all times. All volunteers must wear masks or facial coverings that go over both mouth and nose, have their temperature checked, and answer standard COVID screening questions in order to participate.


We would love your help, but in order to keep our community safe, we ask that you do not volunteer if you are experiencing COVID symptoms, have been exposed to someone experiencing COVID symptoms or with a positive COVID test, or have traveled to any of the states on the quarantine list within the last 14 days.Teenagers over 14 years of age are welcome to participate without adult supervision; to ensure safety we ask that younger volunteers be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Please email Mari or call/text 518-417-2107 to volunteer.

AFE and Albany Booster Club

Support 2020 Albany High Grads!

The Albany Fund for Education and the Albany Booster Club are pleased to support the printing of these lawn and window signs, which were distributed to our 2020 Albany High School Graduates when they picked up their caps and gowns. 

We invite you to honor a graduate, an influential teacher, or anyone special by making a donation in a multiple of $20. Your support will help us cover the printing costs for these signs, which are being provided free of charge to our students.

Make your donation at: https://bit.ly/AHSgrad2020

Thank You to the Following Donors 
for Honoring Our Graduates!

Anonymous, In honor of Jared Rolon

Bill and Gail Meehan, In honor of Alexis Savoie

Wendy Milligan

Hon. Anne Savage

 Dominique Villalba Simms

Erin Tobin and Roger Bearden

Mario Vaccaro and Carolyn Peterson-Vaccaro

Hon. Tabetha Wilson

John and Beth Wyld

District Teachers and Staff

Support AFE Through Payroll Deduction

We know that these are challenging times for everyone - and AFE is working hard to be responsive to the needs of our students, teachers, and staff as we adjust to a new normal. Over the past few months we have offered educator reimbursement grants to support teachers as they adapt to online learning, helped recognize our 2020 graduates, and have continued to fund the Feed and Read weekend backpack program, which is even more necessary right now!


If you can, please consider supporting the Albany Fund for Education through a payroll deduction in the coming school year. Your support is especially essential right now, since we will not be able to hold our Gala - our primary source of revenue - this October due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If 500 district staff were to donate just $2 (one cup of coffee) per pay period, we would raise $26,000 to fund our programs. At $5 or $10 per pay period, that total goes up to  $65,000 or $130,000! Please help us help you by giving what you can. Fill out this form, and return it to the business office by 4 pm on June 22 to lend your support.  ​5​

AFE Responds to the COVID-19 Crisis

Attention educators! Because we are not able to implement our traditional classroom grants - and because we know that you are going above and beyond for your students right now, even as your own lives are stressful and uncertain, the Albany Fund for Education Board has approved a new grant program.

Educators can request between $25-$100 in reimbursement for supplies/resources purchased to assist with online learning or to directly support students. We have up to $5,000 in grant funds available for City School District of Albany teachers and staff. Please click here for the application in Microsoft Word format.

Feed and Read needs your help


Recent funding cuts have forced us to reduce the number of students and schools served by Feed and Read - and we need your help to sustain this important program! It costs $300/year - or $25/month - to provide a student with a backpack for an entire school year. The backpacks include bread, cereal, fresh produce, and coupons for eggs or milk - along with an age-appropriate book each week to help students build literacy habits at home.

Learn more!

Since its inception in 1998, the Albany Fund for Education (AFE) has brought forward new ideas, approaches and funding to support the children of the Albany City School District. AFE enhances opportunities for students
to learn, grow and succeed through building community partnerships, fundraising, and investing in innovative and effective programs that build equity and strengthen the educational infrastructure of Albany public schools.

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