Each year AFE funds worthy projects proposed by district personnel and community members. In the last two years alone over 25 projects have touched more than 1,200 students. 

Instrument Donation Program

AFE gathers and refurbishes donated instruments and gives them a second life
in the hands of Albany students.


"I'm thrilled that this piano will go to good use and will help support the district's music education efforts.  Both of my kids have benefitted so much from music in the schools, and I'm pleased that this will help others as well.  Thank you for your good work." 

Mentoring Project


AFE is engaged in promoting and enhancing the effectiveness of mentoring programs for all ages in the district. 34 agencies participated in our initial meeting. AFE supports and coordinates mentoring groups facing four common challenges:

  • mentor recruitment,

  • protégé recruitment,

  • funding, and

  • data collection.


Feed and Read Program


AFE partners with other community groups to address the problem of student hunger by sending students home with healthy food for the weekend.

AFE is honored to accept donations in honor of Richard Witko.  Contributions will provide food to hungry students through the Feed and Read program. Thank you to the Witko and Savoie families for all they do support Albany's children. Please click here to donate.

Touhey Scholarships


Touhey Scholarships provide funding for Teaching Assistants to complete their degree requirements, with the caveat that the money is later repaid to help other teaching assistants obtain their dreams.

The Albany Fund for Education supports a wide range of programs and activities that contribute to quality education in our schools. This section of the web is designed to help you learn about those programs. We hope that you will consider applying for a grant, supporting a scholarship program, or simply marveling at the exciting and innovative programs going on in our schools.

Fund For Professional Development


AFE provides opportunities for faculty and staff members to continue their professional development.


Albany Goes Green
Project Learning TreeTM


Together with community partners, AFE is helping students become stewards of the urban forest and environmentally sound practices. Since 2009, students have planted over 400
trees and more than 60 teachers have been introduced to environmental activities that support NYS's Core Curriculum. 


College-level Course Fund


AFE supports economically disadvantaged high school students taking college-level courses by providing funding for course fees, review materials and mentors. 


Little Free Libraries


AFE is partnering with the Grassroots Givers to create mini-libraries near each of our schools. Each will serve as a neighborhood book exchange while promoting a sense of community, literacy and the love of reading. 


In December AFE dedicated the Arbor Hill Elementary Little Free Library. The two most recent are at the Albany School of Humanities and New Scotland Elementary.

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