AFE became aware of the serious problem caused by food insecurity among a segment of Albany’s students in 2013. Students had access to food during the week through the free breakfast and lunch programs, but arrived to school on Monday mornings hungry, unable to concentrate, taking food from waste baskets, and anxiously awaiting lunch. 


AFE joined with HATAS and the Regional Food Bank to see if we could address the problem on a District-wide basis. In 2019  Grassroot Givers joined the partnership to provide an age appropriate book with each backpack. AFE has been instrumental in shepherding the program. AFE serves as a critical partner in convening meetings and work groups. AFE provides annual funding, solicited grants, and promotes the value of the backpack program.

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Thank You to Our Generous Backpack Sponsors!

Shandra and Shay Brickel
Bruce E. Doud
Duke's Barber Shop

Joan and Carl Ekengren
Erich Hammer
Alexandrea LaCoss

Ron and Katie Lesko
Gail and William Meehan
Michaelson Family Fund of The Community Foundation of the Greater Capital Region

Nina Motta
Sarah Reginelli

Review Foundation
Gabriela Sarhos

Anne Savage and Erin Tobin
Amy Savoie
Seymour Fox Memorial Foundation

Noelle Kinsch and Hon. Darius Shahinfar
Mary E. Sullivan
Theresa and Carl Swidorski
Anita Thayer and Bill Ritchie

Jennifer and Bryan Viggiani
Deborah Zamer