Instrument Donation Program


Share Your Love of Music!

The Albany Fund for Education collects musical instruments to put in the hands of Albany’s students. All donated instruments are refurbished and restored to playing condition before given to a child. We also appreciate funds to cover the cost of instrument repair. 

Recycle a Musical Instrument You No Longer Need!


New and used instruments, except pianos, organs and guitars, will be gratefully accepted. We especially need student-sized band and orchestra instruments. In addition we can always use drumsticks, rosin, chin sponges, shoulder rests, bows, electronic keyboards/stands, music stands/carts for stands, recorders, ukuleles, cello/bass stands, and portable sheet music stands. 

Since December 2014 more than 325 instruments have been put into the hands of aspiring students.  With Albany’s strong music program these instruments provide a wonderful benefit!  Already we’ve given a second life to basses, cellos, clarinets, cornets, drum sets, flutes, French horns, guitars, keyboards, recorders, saxophones, trombones, trumpets, violas, and violins!

John Keal Music has refurbished over 120 instruments. (Thank you John Keal Music!)

To donate an instrument, please call 518-207-5572 or email and we will pick up your instrument.  Download the instrument donation form, found at the link to the right, and include it with your instrument so that we can can send a letter thanking you and acknowledging your donation for tax purposes.


Special thanks to our partners and supporters for this project:  Aimee Allaud, John Keal Music, Albany Friends of Music, Vanguard-Albany Symphony and Albany Musicians’ Association.

The photo to the left shows John Lenio accepting new donations.

Thanks to Those who Donated During the 2020-21 School Year 


Mary Partridge Brown - 2 guitars, flute and clarinet

Diane Cagino – Viola and 2 violins

Shanti D'souza - Acoustic guitar

Christopher DeCamp -2 trumpets, bongo drums

Brooke Degener - Acoustic guitar

Michael and Annette DiGesare - Clarinet

Leslie Dykeman – Violin

Eve Fitzgerald - Tio clarinet

Stephanie Harrington - 2 Violins, 3 bows and gorgeous cases

Ron Husand - Baritone Horn

Andy Kaier - Electric Bass and small amp

Regina Kaufmann – Violin

Mary & Michael Keegan- clarinet and trumpet

Lucy King- saxophone, trumpet, flute

Margaret King - 2 acoustic guitars

Kathryn Mantica - 1/2 size violin, Bundy Trumpet

Scott McVeigh - Trombone and Violin

Jordan Miller - Saxophone

Elizabeth Morss - Jasmine acoustic guitar, electric guitar, amp 

Rebecca O'Hara - Trumpet

Kaitlynn O'Reilly – Violin, music stand, and sheet music

Curtis Richards - 5-piece Mendini drum set

Jill Rifkin, Albany Vanguard - Trumpet, 3 guitars, and 2 clarinets

Arthur Siegel - Recording equipment and case for bass guitar

Roberta Sandler- 2 guitars

Liz Salerni - Violin

Jim Shapiro - French horn

Amy Soodsma - Bundy Clarinet

Rich Sloma - Trombone

Emily Stewart - Alto Saxophone, books and stand

Judy Thomson - DeFord Flute

Librada Ureña - Acoustic guitar

Matthew Wasilewski - Rovner Clarinet, Selmer Sax, Bundy Alto Sax, Conn Cornet

Below from left to right:

Yet another violin repaired by John Keal Music. We so appreciate our partnership with John Keal's Music.

Guitars waiting for delivery to Albany High School - many donated through AFE.

ACSD staff accepting a drum set donated by an alum of  Albany High's marching band 

181029 insrument.JPG

Barbara Miller’s father, Salvatore Tortorici, played this beautiful trumpet in the big band pictured above. Now it’s being played by a member of the Albany High Jazz band.

190806 Keal.JPG
190806 Guitars.JPG
190806 Drum set.JPG