Albany Fund for Education, City of Albany,
and City School District of Albany
Provide Summer Weekend Feeding Program

We are pleased to announce that AFE was awarded a $15,000 CARES Act grant from the City of Albany, Albany Community Development Agency to support a summer weekend backpack program. The program will provide 175 students attending Albany High School, and the Arbor Hill, ASH, Giffen, Philip Schuyler, Pine Hills and TOAST elementary schools with a bag of healthy food each weekend for the rest of the summer, including fresh produce, and coupons for milk and eggs. 

AFE and Albany Booster Club

Support 2020 Albany High Grads!

The Albany Fund for Education and the Albany Booster Club are pleased to support the printing of these lawn and window signs, which were distributed to our 2020 Albany High School Graduates when they picked up their caps and gowns. 

We invite you to honor a graduate, an influential teacher, or anyone special by making a donation in a multiple of $20. Your support will help us cover the printing costs for these signs, which are being provided free of charge to our students.

Make your donation at:

Thank You to the Following Donors 
for Honoring Our Graduates!

Anonymous, In honor of Jared Rolon

Bill and Gail Meehan, In honor of Alexis Savoie

Wendy Milligan

Hon. Anne Savage

 Dominique Villalba Simms

Erin Tobin and Roger Bearden

Mario Vaccaro and Carolyn Peterson-Vaccaro

Hon. Tabetha Wilson

John and Beth Wyld

Feed and Read needs your help


Recent funding cuts have forced us to reduce the number of students and schools served by Feed and Read - and we need your help to sustain this important program! It costs $300/year - or $25/month - to provide a student with a backpack for an entire school year. The backpacks include bread, cereal, fresh produce, and coupons for eggs or milk - along with an age-appropriate book each week to help students build literacy habits at home.

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2019 Gala Honorees


Vaughan Family Changemaker Award: Tracie Killar, Executive Director, South End Children's Cafe 

At the South End Children’s Café, Tracie Killar provides a safe space where students receive sustenance, learn about personal and civic responsibility, engage with mentors, and break bread with their friends and families.  Tracie and her team have worked tirelessly to uplift students of the City School District of Albany and have helped raise awareness of how food insecurity impacts our community. The South End Children's Cafe allows children and families to access healthy food and academic support in a dignified, caring environment. 


Organization Award: 4th Family

4th Family teaches STEM through sports - and much much more. Through afterschool and mentoring programs, 4th Family has worked tirelessly to provide opportunities for youth to recognize their potential and to embrace skills they may not be aware of. Their model has been emulated in cities around the country. The name 4th Family is based on an African proverb that described the ties that bound communities together. The first family is the nuclear family, the second family is the immediate extended family, the third family is extended family. The 4th Family is the community that provides a support network to all of its members. 


Business Partner Award: Turner Construction 

Turner Construction has been a longtime supporter of the Albany Fund for Education and their ongoing philanthropy has encouraged others to step up to the plate as well.  But Turner’s commitment to Albany goes beyond financial support. Their career development and mentoring programs have helped to open opportunities in the construction field to Albany’s students. Their work with the City School District of Albany builds more than buildings – it constructs paths to success for our students!